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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Mobile Phones & Social Media

As you may be aware, the use of mobile phones in schools is currently under review by the Department for Education. Please find below the school’s expectations on mobile phone and social media use. 

Mobile Phones

As a school, we recognise that many parents are keen for their children to have a phone in order to contact home in case of an emergency. The school continues to allow students to bring phones into school but we are keen to ensure they do not disrupt the learning of students. The key message is that during lesson times and the changeover between lessons, mobile phones (and headphones) should be switched off and kept safely in student bags.

Social Media

Social media can be a positive tool for students during their time at secondary school. It also presents significant risks that you and your child should be aware of. Our priority at Gladesmore is keeping children safe and we would ask you to read the attached policy on social media in order to work with us to do that. In particular we would ask you to check your child’s use of social media and ensure that;

  • Students are not making themselves vulnerable to possible exploitation by having contact with people they do not know.  Please be explicit that friends of friends are also strangers. 
  • Students do not upload content that is confidential to school, families and themselves.
  • Students do not break the law by uploading anything lewd, sexually explicit, threatening or similarly inappropriate or offensive.
  • Students are respectful to other users, particularly those at Gladesmore.
  • Students are mindful of their own mental wellbeing when using social media. If you do allow them to engage with social media, please encourage them to seek out positive and affirmative sites or influencers. 

To learn more information on Mobile Phones and Social Media use, please find the Social Media Policy document within the Policies and Documents section of this website. 


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