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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Y6 Summer Holiday Challenge

What is the GCS Summer Holiday Challenge?

The Gladesmore Summer Holiday Challenge consists of 50 different challenges for pupils to complete during their break.  The aim is for pupils to try and complete as many challenges as possible.  There will be prizes for students who have completed the best logs.  Almost all the activities can be completed anywhere.  In 2020, we adapted the Holiday Challenge so that it could be completed taking into account social distancing and restrictions on bubbles.  We placed more emphasis on outdoor activities and also activities which could be completed at home.  

Why does GCS set a Summer Holiday Challenge?

We want all pupils to make the most of their Summer Holidays by continuing to learn, be creative and to engage with the world around them.  We have therefore designed the Gladesmore Summer Holiday Challenge to help to structure a positive Summer Holiday.  

How do pupils present and hand in the Summer Holiday Challenge?

The Summer Holiday Challenge is given to pupils in booklet form on their taster days.  However, we are relaxed about how the challenge is completed — it can be completed in the booklet, in a blank exercise book, in a folder or presented electronically e.g. Google Slides / Microsoft PowerPoint.

Do pupils have to complete the challenge?

There are 4 compulsory challenges, and we encourage pupils to complete as many of the other challenges as they can.

When will the challenge be available?

We give the challenge out to pupils at the start of July.  You will be able to download a copy from the website.  


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