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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

School Exams

We know that this may seem a scary title for a Year 7 page, however, the point of our School Exams system is to make sitting exams less scary and more manageable.

By Year 11, pupils will need to sit multiple exams in up to 10 subjects and this is a frightening prospect if they  have not learned the skills to revise, to plan their time and to study effectively. In addition, entering an exam hall can be an intimidating experience for pupils, the school exam system develops familiarity with the exam hall procedures and expectations. 

Each half-term pupils will have a school exam.  They will be given the materials for the school exam at the beginning of the half-term so that they have lots of time to prepare and revise.  In PSHE lessons, they will be given strategies and support to help them prepare.  Subject teachers will also give time to revise and help with revision notes / activities. 

However, pupils will still need to do revision in their own time.  By having only one exam every half-term, they can learn how to revise and how to manage their nerves.  This means that by the time they reach Year 11, they will be able to study and prepare for their GCSE exams with confidence. 


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