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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Pupil Premium information

Pupil Premium funding is provided by the Government to facilitate extra support for children who are in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) and Children who are Looked After in Care. At Gladesmore the majority of pupils are eligible for FSM.

Nationally children in receipt of Free School Meals do not perform as well as children from more economically advantaged backgrounds. The Pupil Premium Grant provides the school with the opportunity of providing additional help in many various ways to our children so that we can help them to maximise their achievement.

Issues Facing Pupil Premium Students 

At Gladesmore Community School, we recognise that all pupils are individuals. Many of our pupils are in receipt of Free School Meals and yet they thrive in our caring and nurturing environment. 

None the less, as a school we recognise that these families face some common issues:

  • Food is often a significant expense for Pupil Premium families and so sometimes students will come to school hungry or will be surviving on food with low nutritional value. 
  • Families often lack access to ICT and so students may be limited to sharing an outdated PC or often will be accessing work from a mobile phone. 
  • Some Pupil Premium families will be struggling with their mental health or their physical health and this sometimes means that children do not receive the support we would expect.
  • Pupil Premium families in this area often live in overcrowded housing meaning that pupils do not have a quiet space to work.
  • Some Pupil Premium families are working but in low paid / or zero hour contracts. This means that families often work long antisocial hours meaning that they are not at home to supervise children completing homework etc. 

Criteria for receipt of Pupil Premium 

There are 3 groups of children who qualify for Pupil Premium. 

  • Free School Meals (this includes all pupils who have claimed FSM in the last 6 years)
  • Looked After and Previously Looked After Children
  • Service Premium (students with parents who are serving in HM Forces or who have retired on a pension from the MOD)

We urge all families who might be eligible for Free School Meals to apply. This is a simple process and can be done by visiting the Free School Meals page. 

Our Pupil Premium Grant 

Each year we write a detailed plan which outlines how we will spend the PPG.

This year's plan and impact evaluation can be found in the Policies and Documents Index.

Each year we evaluate the impact of our efforts to ensure that pupils eligible for FSM achieve highly.  This informs our on-going planning to gain maximum benefit from the Pupil Premium Grant.

Review of Pupil Premium Plan 

Our Pupil Premium strategy is reviewed annually.

Our next review date is: 

The strategy is also reviewed during the year with staging posts at the Year 10 and Year 11 mock exams. 


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