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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Policies & Documents

The school has numerous policies that guide practice and documents that outline plans, procedures and the impact of these. A number are posted on this page for ready access but others can be obtained by contacting the school office.

A brief outline of some the main policies are given below; parents and carers can also find some key policies and procedures in the children's school diaries.


Home School Agreement
Effective partnership and cooperation between home and school is at the heart of successful education at Gladesmore. We find that children thrive when staff, parents and children are able to work well together to set high expectations for excellence. To guide this partnership we have a Home-School Agreement. This outlines the responsibilities of parents, pupils and of the school in supporting the learning process.  


Pastoral Care
Providing children with a happy, safe and successful school life is one of the school’s priorities. Staff need to know that pupils attend regularly, produce their work on time and behave properly. The pastoral needs of pupils are primarily looked after by a Form Tutor and the Year Head. The School has policies and procedures for Safeguarding, Child Protection and Attendance.  



What is Safeguarding

Under Section 11 of the Children’s Act 2004 the school has a responsibility to safeguard and promote its young people and their welfare. This responsibility complements Section 175 of the Education Act 2002.

Safeguarding includes child protection, health care plans, health and safety, site security, safety on school trips, anti-bullying work and prevent.

The School will work in collaboration with other agencies such as Social Services and the Police to safeguard pupils and protect children from maltreatment, impairment of children’s health or development, ensure that children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care.


Please click here visit our Safeguarding page for more information.




Through the reward system, pupils are given recognition for the school’s REACH values when they demonstrate Respect, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Cooperation and Hard Work. Pupils gain a range of rewards including: MyStickers, Postcards and Certificates. We have a strong emphasis at Gladesmore on positive reinforcement so pupils receive frequent verbal encouragement. We like to involve parents and carers in the reward system by notifying them of particular successes.


Click here to find out more about MyStickers.




School discipline is designed to create a stable, sensitive learning atmosphere. The system is based on a clear set of school rules and the expectation of self-discipline. High standards of behaviour are expected of all pupils; this is an important feature of our ethos.

The school has a clear system of sanctions.  We find that sanctions are sometimes necessary to remind pupils of their responsibilities. Parents/Carers and pupils should be aware that our discipline system is rigorous and we expect all pupils to adhere to the high standards expected. All parents/carers choosing  to send their children to Gladesmore, should be aware of this.




Staff will usually deal with instances of misbehaviour with the use of sanctions. Advice and guidance will also be offered in different forms to help them improve their behaviour.


Punishments may involve detentions at break times, lunchtime or after school. Sometimes additional work is set to be completed at home. (Note: Pupils may be kept in detention at the end of the day).

If a pupil is disturbing a class they will be taken out of their lesson and sent to the Duty Room. For serious misbehaviour pupils may be issued an internal Suspension for a period of time. On very infrequent occasions and in extreme cases a pupil can be excluded from the school for a period of time.



Able, Gifted & Talented

Gifted is defined as those with high ability in an academic subject such as English, maths, science, humanities or modern foreign languages.Talented is defined as pupils with high ability in practical and creative subjects such as art, music, technology, sport, drama or dance.


Gladesmore is committed to extending pupils who are gifted and/or talented in particular areas.

A whole variety of approaches are adopted to do this such as: providing more difficult work or challenging experiences; tutoring; mentoring.


The school have got an impressive record of success with numerous pupils each year obtaining funded bursaries to a host of independent schools for their sixth form study.



Equal Opportunities

We recognise that every pupil should feel safe and secure in school and that s/he should be totally accepted in the community regardless of race, religion, gender, class, disability, age, sex and sexual orientation.


The school will not tolerate any of the following behaviours: name calling; writing graffiti; physical intimidation; offensive remarks about a person's body, gender or sexuality; inappropriate jokes; and unwelcome attention or physical contact which makes an individual feel threatened or uncomfortable. Every individual has a responsibility to take action and support the Equal Opportunities policy of the school. The emphasis is on working together so that everyone feels safe.




The school takes any form of bullying very seriously indeed.

We make it as easy as possible for pupils to report anything that they regard as bullying and the whole school community play a significant role in combating it.  Prefects and Mentors have a supporting role. Pupils are encouraged to inform staff if they are being bullied or they see bullying.



Data Protection and GDPR

For any enquiries relating to the Data Protection Policy or GDPR at Gladesmore, please contact either the school or:


Data Protection Officer: Craig Stilwell

Company: Judicium Consulting Ltd

Address: 72 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6AE



Telephone: 0203 326 9174


A copy of our Pupil and Parent Privacy Notice can be downloaded from the policy list below.


Please click on the policy name below to view.


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