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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Policies & Documents

The school has numerous policies that guide practice and documents that outline plans, procedures and the impact of these. A number are posted on this page for ready access, but others can be obtained by contacting the school office.

An alphabetical index of the main policies is below; parents and carers can also find some key policies and procedures in the children's school diaries.

Please contact the school if you have any questions about a policy or if you would like a paper copy of these policies - free of charge.


Please visit our Admissions section for more information.

Behaviour and Rewards


Please visit our Careers and Post 16 section for more information.


The School does not charge for any essential resources or learning materials that are necessary for the delivery of the national curriculum. 


If you have a complaint or concern please contact the School so that these matters can be addressed.


Please visit our Curriculum section for more information.

Data Protection and GDPR 

For enquiries relating to the Data Protection Policy or GDPR, these can usually be sorted out by contacting the School directly. We have staff dedicated to compliance. In addition, we have a Data Protection Officer, whose contact details are:

Data Protection Officer: Craig Stilwell
Company: Judicium Consulting Ltd
Address: 72 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6AE
Telephone: 0203 326 9174

A copy of our Pupil and Parent Privacy Notice can be downloaded below, as well as other GDPR policies.


Please note that our accessibility policy and action plan can be found in the SEND section below.

Governance and Leadership 

Please visit our Governors section for more information.

Home School Agreement 

We value the important partnership between home and school. By working together we can support and encourage the children to feel safe, supported and achieve their best.


Please visit our Ofsted Reports section for more information.

Pupil Premium, Tuition & Catch-Up Premium Grants 

Remote Learning 

Please visit our Remote Learning section for more information.


Statutory RSE 


Children who have special educational needs are supported and encouraged in school to develop their skills and confidence so as to achieve their personal best.

Please visit our SEND section for more information.

  1. [B1] Governance & Finance
  2. [C0] Ethos Vision & Motto
  3. [C0.1] Representative Pledge
  4. [C1] Curriculum Intent
  5. [C2.1] Remote Learning Policy
  6. [C6] SEND Policy 2022-23
  7. [C6.1] SEN Information Report - 2022-23
  8. [C8.3] British Values Policy
  9. [C9.2] Relationships & Sex Education
  10. [C10.1] Careers Policy
  11. [C15] Religious Education Policy
  12. [EQ1a] Equality & Diversity Statement Objectives
  13. [EQ3] Accessibilty Policy
  14. [F1.3a] Governing Body
  15. [F5.1] Charging & Remissions Policy
  16. [HS5.1] Safeguarding Child Protection Policy (Sept 2023)
  17. [HS5.1d] Prevent Strategy
  18. [HS5.1e] Modern Slavery Statement
  19. [HS7.2b] Social Media Policy
  20. [OP1] Home School Agreement
  21. [OP3.1a] Haringey Schools Admissions Process
  22. [OP4.1] Behaviour & Exclusions Policy
  23. [OP4.1a] Behaviour Principles
  24. [OP5] Anti Bullying Policy
  25. [OP8] GDPR Data Protection Policy
  26. [OP8.1] Workforce Privacy Notice [Haringey Model]
  27. [OP8.2] GDPR Pupil and Parent Privacy Notice
  28. [OP8.3] Data Protection Impact Assessment
  29. [OP8.4] GDPR Data Breach Procedure
  30. [OP8.5] COVID Testing Privacy Notice
  31. [OP8.5] GDPR Governors Privacy Notice
  32. [OP8.6] COVID Testing Privacy Notice
  33. [OP8.7] GDPR Data Retention Policy
  34. [OP9] Complaints Procedure
  35. [OP10.1] Freedom of Information Policy
  36. [OP17] CCTV Policy
  37. [S3] SDP Executive Summary - Goals and AimsĀ 
  38. [S6.1.1] Pupil Premium Strategy & Covid Recovery 2022 - 24
  39. [S6.4] COVID Catch Up Premium Plan 2020 - 22
  40. [S8.1] Accessibility Action Plan
  41. [S13.4] Ofsted Report
  42. Parental Withdrawal Request - Sex Education
  43. School Privacy Notice National Tutoring Programme


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