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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Remote Learning

This guidance applies to any pupils who are working at home for any reason.

Guidance for Remote Learning

If your child is absent from school, or are staying home because they are unwell, we want to encourage them to continue with their studies.  If they are well enough to do so, pupils can access remote learning and work online as outlined  below:

1) Accessing Google Classroom to complete classwork and home learning set in the current week

  • Log into
  • Select "Google Classroom"
  • For home learning, select the ‘To Do’ box top left to see home learning tasks that are due
  • For classwork, select subjects to follow your normal timetable

2) Accessing My Learning Journey to be ahead of their learning when you return

  • Log into
  • Select "My Learning Journey"
  • Select "Subjects and Year Group"
  • Select from a range of revision resources (subject revision sites, learning tips etc.)
  • Write notes on what you have learnt

3) Accessing Seneca Learning to find Learning Resources for all subjects

  • Log into
  • Select "Seneca Learning"
  • Select "Continue with Google"
  • Select add courses, then select a topic
  • Write notes on what you have learnt

If you have any questions about work set online or access to remote learning please contact either your child's teacher or email

Support for Remote Learning

We understand that it can be challenging for young people to work remotely for extended periods of time. We have put together some support for pupils in this situation which can be found in the Working Remotely Wellbeing section. We have also provided some specific guidance about ways to access reading material online

If you are experiencing any issues, please do not hesitate to contact the school to ask for further support. 

Remote Learning Policy

The Gladesmore Remote Learning Policy can be found in the Policies and Documents section of this website, which can be accessed from the link below:

Full School Closure 

We hope that a full closure of the school will not be necessary, however, we are prepared in case this is required. 

A full closure could happen if: 

  • The government orders a full lockdown as a consequence of rising cases in London and/or nationally. 
  • The school or the local area has an significant outbreak of COVID-19 such that Public Health England advises us to close to the school to all pupils.
  • The number of staff who are self-isolating or unwell is so significant that it would be unsafe for us to open.

In the event of a full closure, parents/carers would be notified by email and/or text. Depending on the reason for the closure, the school may stay open and available for pupils of Keyworkers as we did during the last lockdown.  

Teachers will continue to set remote learning activities and will be available to answer queries. Teachers will continue to monitor learning and feedback to pupils. The work set will be a combination of: 

  • Live lessons
  • Recorded lessons
  • Resources and tasks uploaded to Google Classroom


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