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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Remote Learning

This guidance applies to any pupils who are working at home for any reason.

Guidance for Remote Learning during Isolation or Illness

If your child is absent from school because they have to self-isolate, or are staying home because they are unwell, we want to encourage them to continue with their studies.  If they are well enough to do so, pupils can access remote learning and work online as outlined  below:

1. Google Classroom – Access to classwork and home learning set in the current week

  • Log into:
  • Select: Google Classroom
  • For home learning: Select the ‘To Do’ box top left to see home learning tasks that are due
  • For classwork: Select subjects to follow your normal timetable

2. My Learning Journey - Access to classwork in all subjects for September 2021 to July 2022

  • Log into:
  • Select: My Learning Journey
  • Select your year group
  • Select subject

3. GCSEpod – Access to revision materials for GCSE subjects

  • Log into
  • Select: GCSEpod
  • Select GCSE subject

Parents can communicate with the remote learning team via email: should there be any questions about work set online or access to remote learning ot tuition sessions.

Guidance for Remote Learning during a Lockdown 

If it is necessary for some groups of pupils, or everyone, to stay at home due to local or national Covid-19 control measures in order to stay safe and to protect our community, pupils can access remote learning and work online as outlined below. 

 The school appreciate that if children are unwell they may not be able to do much work, but we want to avoid you missing out and having gaps in your learning, so we urge all pupils to do the very best they can. Teachers will expect pupils to catch up any work missed when they return, but we understand this can be difficult.  

During partial or full lockdown a full programme of Remote Learning is available for all pupils.  We do not expect any pupils to fall behind in their learning. The remote learning programme includes a range of live lessons, recorded sessions and tasks set. We expect all our pupils to fully engage in the remote learning programme every day and to hand this work in online or as advised. 

  • When school is partially open, but some pupils are isolating, pupils should follow their normal timetable.
  • During a full lockdown, pupils should follow their lockdown timetable (see below). 
  • School will remain open for children of keyworkers, children who may be vulnerable and those with SEND

Learning from home.

  1. Check the Google Classroom for each subject. 
  2. Complete the work and submit it.  If you have not completed all the work, and you have genuinely worked for the full amount of time, please submit the work unfinished.   
  3. Contact your teacher if you are stuck by sending a private message on Google Classroom.  
  4. During full Lockdown Home Learning is not set separately via Satchel:One.  All tasks will be set on Google Classroom.  

Remote Learning Policy

Also see Gladesmore's Remote Learning Policy click on the link below:

Full Lockdown Timetables 

Note: all live remote lessons will be recorded for the purposes of safeguarding pupils and staff.

In the event of a full lockdown, the school operates a special lockdown timetable. Please click on the headings below to find the timetables.


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