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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Ethos & Vision

Our Motto

Dream it, REACH for it, Achieve it!

Our Vision

To provide an outstanding
all round education
where our pupils make
impressive progress in a
positive, friendly,
 community atmosphere.

 Our REACH values






Gladesmore Ethos

We are proud to be part of the highly successful Gladesmore Community School.  There are many reasons for our success including the shared respect staff and pupils have for each other.  This underpins our positive and inclusive atmosphere. We show great enthusiasm for learning and are constantly aiming to improve on what we do in order to exceed our previous best.  We are very proud of our pupils and encourage them to have high aspirations for themselves, warmly celebrating each other’s commitment and progress. We are eager for our staff to provide a first class education so that pupils continue to achieve high standards and make a valuable contribution to society.

We are all unique.  A strong feature of our school is the way we embrace our differences and use them to make our education richer. Our school environment is safe and nurturing. We are a school where we work to develop good social skills and, through the spirit of cooperation, we help each other to succeed. We are a school where we concentrate when we need to and enjoy learning.  We develop as independent learners and make progress through hardwork and commitment.  We enjoy being part of the wider Gladesmore community because we are kind and friendly to each other.  We appreciate that our school is a place where we can learn and have fun together.  

The members of our highly skilled, knowledgeable and diverse staff reflect the positive goals of our school community and always look for the best in our pupils.  As a Learning and Teaching body, we continuously explore better ways of promoting learning through building resilience, encouraging cooperation and fostering independence. Our stable staff team enjoy being part of the Gladesmore community and the school actively encourages their progress and development as professionals.   

We want others to recognise pupils who went to Gladesmore as people noted for their:
Respect; Enthusiasm; Aspiration; Cooperation; and, Hardwork who continue to REACH for their best and be their best.

In order to achieve our School Vision we have a School Development Plan (SDP).

The School Development Plan has Goals that set out the focus for our work.

We undertake a process of rigorous on-going self-evaluation. This informs our priorities and actions in the (SDP) which guides our actions to generate continuous improvement. We are a forward looking school, always looking to improve the quality of what we do and to build on our previous best.


Goal 1 - Review, develop and resource a curriculum which offers excellent Quality of Education to all pupils

Goal 2 - Further all-round personal development and wellbeing of pupils

Goal 3 - Further improve behaviour and attitudes of pupils

Goal 4 - Prioritise effective safeguarding of pupils at all times

Goal 5 - Improve effectiveness of leadership and management


Gladesmore Community School
Crowland Road
N15 6EB


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