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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Pathways: Year 9 and Year 11

Gladesmore Community School is keen to support its pupils to make informed choices about their future.  Our progressive and developmental careers education programme provides information and support for pupils throughout their five years at Gladesmore, however, we recognise that at key points, pupils will need targeted guidance. 

Pathways in Year 9

At the end of Year 9, pupils and parents are asked to make a guided choice regarding their GCSE subjects.  In preparation for this important decision, pupils will all receive: 

  • A series of Pathways preparation lessons encouraging them to reflect on their future plans and the factors which ought to be influencing their decisions
  • Assemblies which outline the KS4 Curriculum offered by each subject
  • A presentation from one of our partner institutions on the vocational opportunities available at Key Stage 4
  • A comprehensive booklet which outlines the curriculum offer and the types of skills which pupils will need to be successful in these subjects
  • A Parents’ evening where pupils can discuss their ideas and receive input from teachers
  • An individual interview with a senior member of staff to ensure that pupils fully understand what they are choosing
  • Following the allocation of subjects and the timetable design, a Pathways Day, where pupils and parents meet with the form tutor to discuss the individual KS4 subject choices and, in exceptional circumstances, refine the package

Pathways in Year 11

Gladesmore Community School is an 11-16 school and so all our pupils have to leave us to continue their education.  We know that this can be a daunting transition for some pupils and so, over many years, we have a developed a comprehensive transition package to support pupils to make this transition.  

All Year 10 and Year 11 pupils will benefit from: 

  • The Make Year 10 Count initiative which aims to prepare pupils for college application and future choices using a combination of special events, PSHE lessons, assemblies and individual discussions
  • A trip to a local Sixth-Form college for all Year 10 pupils to give them a taster of post-16 education
  • An organised programme of presentations from different post-16 providers introducing pupils to a wide variety of different types of provision including vocational opportunities in areas ranging from Automotive Engineering to VFX and Animation.
  • A Pathways Day where pupils have the opportunity to speak to representatives from post 16 providers and are supported to complete their applications
  • Guidance about interviews
  • Guidance about interviews
  • SEND students benefit from a personalised transition package, which may include work experience; the opportunity to study for a Work Skills qualifications; individual visits to colleges or other providers; support with applications.

In addition, we recognise that some pupils may want or need additional support from our school Careers lead or other members of staff. Targeted events will be held for these pupils.  


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