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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Curriculum Intent

Gladesmore Community School takes the curriculum extremely seriously. We know that what pupils learn and the experiences that they are exposed to are the most important elements of a broad and balanced curriculum. 

As a school, we believe in making policies coherent and accessible. Our curriculum intent is therefore broken down into a series of principles which are organised under clear headings. Please click on the headings below to find out about our Intent. 

Curriculum design 

Gladesmore Community School views curriculum holistically.  We value the contribution of individual curriculum areas whilst also knowing that lessons on their own are not enough.  The school’s ethos and values are integral to our understanding of curriculum and help to shape every aspect of our practice.  

Our curriculum is underpinned by a belief in the skills and abilities of all our pupils – we are ambitious for all our pupils and believe that they thrive in our positive and supportive atmosphere.  

Our curriculum is more than just lessons: all subjects offer curriculum enhancement to deepen understanding, close gaps and develop a deep understanding of the subjects that we teach.
Our curriculum recognises that pupils start at different points – we structure our curriculum building on what has been learned before with planned opportunities for pupils to catch up, close gaps or extend their learning.   

We know that academic knowledge is the foundation on which future success is built so we place Ebac at the core of our curriculum.  However, academic knowledge on its own is not sufficient – we know that pupils progress best when they are offered a broad and balanced curriculum exposing them to a wide range of experiences, learning and ideas. 

Our curriculum is designed to inspire.  Our teaching team are passionate about the value of education in its broadest sense and are keen to share their passion.  All staff work hard to inculcate a love of learning in pupils building intrinsic motivation for success.  

What we teach 

Our skilled teaching team recognise that personal development and academic development are interdependent.  Our curriculum is deliberately structured so that pupils progress academically, personally, spiritually, socially, culturally and morally.  

Our curriculum prioritises the development of reading skills.  All staff are actively involved in the promotion of reading to all pupils.  

Our curriculum recognises that literacy and numeracy are essential and as such all curriculum areas contribute to the teaching of these skills.  

Our curriculum endeavours to prepare our pupils for a future beyond Gladesmore.  We try to equip pupils with the skills and knowledge they will require in their next phase of education and also in the world of work. However, we recognise that the future is open-ended therefore our most important priority is to encourage creativity, flexibility, and reflectiveness so that they will be able to adapt to any future.   

We recognise that our local context offers both opportunities and challenges – we want our pupils to be proud of our local area and we take seriously the Community in Gladesmore Community School.  However, we cannot ignore the challenges of our deprived inner-city environment and our stable and experienced teaching team plan a bespoke curriculum developing cultural capital enabling pupils to surmount many of these challenges.   

We intend our curriculum provision to: 

  • help pupils develop enquiring minds, an ability to question and argue rationally and an ability to apply themselves to tasks and physical skills. 
  • help pupils acquire understanding, knowledge and key skills relevant in a fast-changing world.
  • help pupils to develop their social and emotional skills
  • help pupils develop confidence and independent learning skills
  • help pupils develop moral values, respect of other religions and tolerance of differences in race, sexuality, disability and various ways of life.
  • help pupils understand the world in which they live and the inter-dependence of individuals, groups and an international dimension.
  • help pupils to appreciate human achievements and aspirations

How we teach 

Our curriculum is effectively sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been learned before and pupils work towards clearly defined end points.  

Our curriculum recognises that learning is not transitory.  We encourage pupils to ‘own their learning’ so that knowledge is embedded in long-term memory.  

Our curriculum is ever-evolving.  All aspects of curriculum are regularly evaluated and reviewed taking account of the views of teachers, pupils and external research.

We understand that teachers, pupils and parents need and want to know how they are doing. Assessment is integrated into our curriculum model in a way which supports pupil progress without creating excessive demands on staff.  Our staff routinely use the outcomes of assessment to celebrate achievement, inform curriculum adaptation, improve lesson planning and target intervention.  

Our teachers 

Our curriculum success is built on outstanding teachers.  We recruit, retain and develop the best teachers available meaning that our curriculum is delivered by committed teachers who have an expert knowledge of the subjects that they teach and how to teach them. 

However, as outstanding teachers, our teachers inevitably acknowledge that there is always more to learn and our CPD programme prioritises staff development and support.  


Will aim to:

  • Address statutory elements of the curriculum
  • Allocate time for teaching elements of the curriculum 
  • Adopt procedures for assessment meet
  • Inform pupils and their parents/carers indicating progress made
  • Address individual needs of some pupils by permanent or temporary disapplication from the National Curriculum

Systems put into place will aim to:

  • set statutory targets 
  • publish examination results 
  • monitor standards of attainment in each subject
  • monitor pupil progress
  • present political issues in a balanced way

Relationship with other policies 

The school policy on the curriculum embraces policies and procedures for other school policies and is fundamental in promoting the Gladesmore Ethos.


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