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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Food and the GladeDiner

COVID19: Social distancing restrictions have meant some changes to the operation of the GladeDiner.  We describe below our normal operating system with some notes to explain how we have adapted to cater for pupils during this pandemic.  


At Gladesmore Community School, lunch is served in the GladeDiner.  The GladeDiner typically offers a selection of 2 hot meals including a vegetarian choice, sandwiches and hot snacks e.g. pasta; pizza.  If pupils prefer, they can bring a packed lunch.  In the first few weeks, Year 7 will be brought down to lunch early whilst they get used to how things work. 

Pupils are not currently allowed to leave the school site during the day unless they have a note from their parents.  Historically, Year 10 and Year 11 pupils have been allowed off-site to purchase their lunches if they wish.  

Paying for lunch: If pupils receive Free School Meals, they will be given a lunch-card which they will show at the till.  If they do not receive Free School Meals, they will need to bring money for your lunch or bring a packed lunch. 

After pupils have eaten their lunch, they can go out into the playground to spend time with their friends, or they can go onto the Astroturf.  There are also lunchtime activities which you can access e.g. table tennis. 

Adaptations for COVID19: The COVID19 timetable means that we currently have a reduced choice of items at lunchtime.  We hope to expand the offer soon.    In order to maintain year group bubbles, we have been forced to reduce lunchtime to 30 minutes.  


The GladeDiner offers a range of snacks and drinks at breaktime – pupils will need to bring money to purchase these.

Adaptations for COVID 19: The COVID19 timetable means that breaktime has been reduced to 15 minutes, therefore we are no longer serving food at break.  We encourage pupils to have a healthy breakfast before school and to bring in a healthy snack and a drink for breaktime.  


If pupils come to school early (before 8am),  they can receive a free breakfast in the GladeDiner every day.  Year 7 pupils are also invited to attend Stepping Stones mentoring 3 days a week and this also includes a free breakfast.  Stepping Stones starts at 8.15am. 

Adaptations for COVID19: We are not currently serving breakfast in the canteen.  We hope to be able to resume this service soon.  


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