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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School


Gladesmore Community School prides itself on our excellent standards of behaviour.  Our school ethos encapsulates our expectations of pupils and our approach to behaviour.  

The Gladesmore Ethos promotes a positive teaching and learning environment, encouraging modelling of appropriate behaviour in all aspects of school life. We aim to support this with provision for learning that is relevant and stimulating that fosters engagement.

We aim to:

  • achieve outstanding standards of behaviour and safety;
  • promote equal opportunities;
  • promote mutual respect and collective responsibility;
  • provide a physically and emotionally safe environment;
  • provide an environment free from prejudice, bullying, disruption and violence;
  • develop self-esteem, self-discipline, co-operation, tolerance and respect for the duties and responsibilities of all staff;
  • advocate fairness;
  • offer our pupils opportunities to be listened to and to listen to each other;
  • provide guidance to enable pupils to manage their behaviour.  

We would ask that you read this page in conjunction with the Rewards page as a positive behaviour management approach is integral to our behaviour policy.  


Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to impose sanctions. The purpose of sanctions is to avoid a repetition of unacceptable conduct. The school has a clear system of sanctions to enable us to address instances of inappropriate behaviour. 

The over-riding principles of sanctions are:

  • they are most effective when applied fairly and consistently;
  • they are reflective, so that pupils know the reason for the sanction and how to improve their behaviour;
  • they minimise the likelihood of recurrence of the inappropriate behaviour;
  • the outcome of a sanction is to ultimately improve the relationship between teacher and pupils, so that effective learning may take place subsequently.

More information: 

  • If you require more information on our behaviour management systems and approach, please refer to our behaviour policies and documents in the Policies and Documents Index.  
  • If you wish to discuss the behaviour of your child or if you have concerns about the behaviour of another child, please contact your child's Head of Year in the first instance.


Gladesmore Community School
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