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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Mobile Devices and Social Media

Mobile devices must be switched off and off their person whilst on school premises.

If you wish to contact your child, please call the school office on 020 8800 0884. If your child needs to contact home, they should go to the school office.


  1. Mobile devices must be stored safely out of sight at all times; this includes the time spent moving between lessons and at break and lunch.
  2. Mobile devices must be switched off during lessons and not on vibrate which is a distraction.
  3. Mobile devices must not be used to film anyone on or near the school site. This prevents broadcast between mobile devices and on Internet platforms such as Snapchat. It also prevents cyber bullying and safeguards the privacy of all students and staff.
  4. Mobile devices must not be used to broadcast music at any time on or near the school site (playing music for others to hear). Gladesmore is shared by over 1300 students, playing music loudly can disturb others.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in the following actions:

  1. A letter or phone call home to inform parents/carers
  2. A mobile device being confiscated for remainder of the day.
  3. A ban being imposed. The mobile device will no longer allowed at school. If found, the item will be confiscated and parents will be asked to collect.


  1. Encourage your child to not bring these items to school when they have an activity where it is not permitted to have these devices with them e.g., during PE or examinations.
  2. Tell your child to keep all devices out of sight to and from school as thieves occasionally target young people.
  3. If you require your child to carry a phone for use before/after school, we would advise a non-smart phone of low value.

The school reserves the right to take action against students involved in any instances of cyber bullying if the bullying causes disruption to the running of the school or distress to students.


Headphones/earphones are subject to the same rules as mobile phones.

Smart Watches

If smart watches are used for communication purposes, they are subject to the same rules as mobile phones.

Finally, please note that the school accepts no responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of mobile devices.

Social Media

Social media can be a positive tool for students during their time at secondary school. It also presents significant risks that you and your child should be aware of. The school has a strong PSHE programme which consistently educates pupils about social media and risks online. However, this is no substitute for parents/carers actively monitoring their child's engagement with and use of social media. 

We ask all parent/carers to read the school's policy on social media found in the Policies and Documents section of this website. In particular we would ask you to check your child’s use of social media and ensure that;

  • Students are not making themselves vulnerable to possible exploitation by having contact with people they do not know.  Please be explicit that friends of friends are also strangers. 
  • Students do not upload content that is confidential to school, families and themselves.
  • Students do not break the law by uploading anything lewd, sexually explicit, threatening or similarly inappropriate or offensive.
  • Students are respectful to other users, particularly those at Gladesmore.
  • Students are mindful of their own mental wellbeing when using social media. If you do allow them to engage with social media, please encourage them to seek out positive and affirmative sites or influencers. 


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