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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School


Overview and Core Values

The governing body make strategic decisions to support the head teacher and senior leaders in setting the vision, direction and policy framework they need to lead the school effectively. The governing body, staff, pupils and parents subscribe to a shared vision and shared values.

Core functions of the Governing Body are to ensure:

  • The school has effective leadership and high calibre staff
  • Teaching and learning is consistently good or better
  • The school has clear Goals and Development Plan
  • Good progress and outcomes of pupils
  • Required policies and procedures are in place
  • The school has good financial management

The expectation is that governors should work with the school leaders to ensure there is a strategic and pragmatic approach to delivering good outcomes for all the young people in the school.

A professional approach to governance is taken. Governors have an overview of the achievement of pupils and the quality of teaching in the school. They ensure that the best staff are appointed and retained and they support development through the appraisal process. Governors keep up-to-date with their own development. 

Governors at GCS

Our governing body is an extremely important element of our Gladesmore family.  Five full governing body meetings are scheduled in the year and these are supplemented by meetings of the Site, Finance & Personnel Committee.

The Chair of Governors is Alex Sweet.  He can be contacted through the school.  A full list of current governors is available from the Governors section of the Policies and Documents page.

The governing body sets its own agenda for the year with a regular cycle of investigations and updates into different aspects of the school’s work.  Senior leaders regularly present to the governing body and the governing body scrutinises the work of the school.

To support the governing body in its work, experienced educational consultants assist the governors to fulfil their duties, provide advice, and interrogate the work of the school. For instance, conducting interviews of pupils and staff, or doing lesson observations to compile reports for the governing body on particular aspects they might wish to know more about. Examples of areas which have been the subject of investigation include provision for more able pupils, compliance with the national curriculum and the implementation and effectiveness of agreed policies.

The governing body systematically reviews its own work and devises an annual programme for meetings. Governors receive regular training in line with statutory guidance including safeguarding and safer recruitment and access Haringey Education Partnership’s (HEP) comprehensive programme of governor training.


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