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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School


The governing body has set up committees which service the governing body and deals with matters and details that primarily focus on site, finance, personnel, pay and disciplinary matters.

Delegated powers enable the committees to adopt relevant policies and approve financial documentation as appropriate. Committees take decisions or make recommendations as delegated by the full Governing Body, and they report back to full Governing Body meetings. 

Site, Finance & Personnel Committee

Chair: Annabel Schaafsma
Clerk: Jan Smosarski


  • At least 3 governors including the CEO/Headteacher. The Committee may also appoint Associate Members in order to draw on additional expertise.
  • The Chair will be elected at the first meeting of the Committee each academic year.

Three governors to include either the CEO/Headteacher or representative.

Meetings will be held quarterly, or otherwise as required.

The main function of the committee will be to oversee the strategic use of school resources that contribute to conditions for high quality learning and teaching.

In Site matters the Committee should:

  1. Provide support and guidance for the Headteacher on all matters relating to the school premises and grounds, security and health and safety.
  2. Maintain an overview of site development matters
  3. Monitor contracts relating to premises and associated services
  4. Monitor the implementation of health and safety legislative requirements of the school
  5. Have an overview of lettings

In Finance matters the Committee should:

  1. Comply with the Governors responsibilities
  2. Allocate budget according to agreed priorities within the School Goals
  3. Monitor finances to ensure that the school effectively manages the budget
  4. Make virement choices – the headteacher can authorise virements up to £5,000 without reference back to the Site, Finance & Personnel Committee
  5. Receive reports of developments - the Headteacher can authorise new expenditure of up to £100,000 without reference back to the Site, Finance & Personnel Committee
  6. Take note of advice relating to the audit of financial management of the school

In Personnel matters the Committee should:

  1. Agree personnel related policies such as pay, sickness, discipline, capability and grievance
  2. Monitor staff appointments and departures
  3. Assist with the appointment and promotion of senior staff
  4. Monitor the Appraisal (Performance Management) Policy
  5. Receive monitoring reports on staff attendance
  6. Monitor the in service training provision for staff
  7. Advise on staff conditions and welfare issues
  8. Set up panels for personnel procedure hearing or appeals as needed
  9. Set the criteria for selection and outline the sequence of events for redundancy procedures

Discipline Committee


The role of the Discipline Committee is to consider any disciplinary appeals concerning pupils or staff.

The Discipline Committee does not have a fixed membership; it is convened as and when needed. All Governors may be asked to serve on a Discipline Committee.

Pay Committee


This Committee considers matters in relation to staff pay progression and other staff pay matters.

In Pay matters the Committee should:

  1. Act as a Pay Committee for the approval of Pay Spine progression for teaching staff
  2. Monitor overall staff performance and the appraisal process

Staff appointments at TLR1b and above

Together with the rest of the Governing Body, assist the headteacher in the process of recruitment of senior staff. Appointments at below TLR1b, support staff, short term posts and temporary positions have been delegated by the Governing Body to the headteacher

Performance Management Committee

To oversee the recruitment process of a headteacher for consideration by the Governing Body as may be necessary. Responsibility for performance management and pay progression of the headteacher.


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