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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Reports / Progress Checks

Gladesmore Community School is keen for our pupils to succeed and so we track progress regularly.  We know that families are keen to support the school and that parents / carers value regular feedback on their child's engagement, commitment and progress.  We therefore feedback to parents/carers frequently so that they can celebrate successes and offer support when challenges occur.  

Discussions with teachers

In the first term of Year 7 (usually in early December), parents/carers are invited to meet the form tutor.  The form tutor will go through each pupil's progress check with parents / carers – this means that you can both ask questions and make a plan for how pupils can be even more successful in the future.  At the end of the year, we hold a Parents’ Evening when pupils and parents / carers can meet subject teachers and discuss progress.

Regular rewards

Teachers give rewards to pupils who are excelling.  Rewards are given to reward positive behaviours e.g. additional home learning; care and concern for others; high-quality classwork; strong performance in tests / exams; engagement in lesson.  Parents will be notified of rewards through the SIMS app.  

Progress Checks

Every half-term, each pupil will receive a progress check.  This is a summary of their performance in all their subjects. There are three elements to the Progress Check.

Progress - Teachers will inform parents/carers of progress in each subject.  There are three different judgements (we call them Progress Indicators): Strong, Standard and Concern. 

School Exams - We will feedback school exam results (Distinction, Merit, Pass or Retake). 

Commitment - Teachers are asked to feedback on commitment to learning.  For each aspect of commitment, teachers will give a grade from 5 (excellent) to 1 (Serious cause for concern):

  • Effort (how hard pupils are trying in lessons)
  • Behaviour (not only how well pupils behave but also their attitude to learning e.g. asking questions; keeping going when things are tough; helping other pupils)
  • Home Learning (the quality of work that is completed at home including revision for assessments and exams)

Communication via the SIMS App

Once pupils start Gladesmore Community School, parents / carers are asked to download the SIMS App.  If pupils are allowed to have a mobile phone, they can also download the SIMS app.  This provides regular and daily updates e.g. notifying pupils if they have been awarded an attendance certificate, have achieved a Merit or a Distinction in a school exam or, less positively, alert parents if a minor incident has occurred.  


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