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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Community Initiatives

Gladesmore is a school at the heart of the community. We enjoy being part of a wonderful community with a rich diversity of ethnicities, regions and languages. We embrace opportunities to contribute to our neighbourhood and take the lead on many community initiatives. Please use these pages to find out more about some of our projects.  

Aims of our community initiatives

Whilst each individual project will have its own aims, all our projects share common goals.  Gladesmore aims to enrich the experiences of young people and our staff through their involvement in projects that both raise aspirations and widen experience.  As well as academic success, Gladesmore places great importance on the all-round development of our pupils. Our links with the community are therefore an important part of our school ethos.   To support this further we run events that reinforce our aims and organise activities that explore local, national and global issues faced by young people.

We also want our pupils to be active contributors to society - our pupils are amazing and their ideas and enthusiasm will enhance any project, group or scheme. As a result, it is important that we are active in our local community and that we encourage our young people to be active citizens too.  

Engagement with stakeholders

Gladesmore is an outward-facing school.  We are always keen to learn and to strengthen all aspects of our practice.  Our work with a wide range of community partners helps the school to develop by introducing us to new ideas, improved ways of working and enhanced opportunities.  


Gladesmore Community School
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