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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Safer Neighbourhood Board Haringey

The purpose of the Safer Neighbourhood Board is to be the vehicle through which the Mayor of London (GLA) holds local police services to account for performance, giving Londoners and victims a greater voice in setting policing priorities.  

The Safer Neighbourhood Board (SNB) brings police and communities together to decide local policing and crime priorities, solve problems collaboratively and make sure that the public are involved in a wide range of other community safety decisions. The board reports to Mayor’s Office for Police and Crime (MOPAC).

Tony Hartney has been the Chair of the Board since it was established following the riots in London in 2011. Gladesmore in general play a notable role in the wider community safety strategy and in the relationship between the community and the police.


  1. To ensure communities are more closely involved in problem-solving and crime prevention;
  2. To have a broad remit to reflect MOPAC’s broader responsibilities, while respecting the view that local people know best what is needed at the local level;
  3. To have greater reach and ensure a more frequent refresh of ideas and views;
  4. To achieve greater coherence between different engagement mechanisms, e.g. ward panels, Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs), Neighbourhood Watch and Stop and Search Community Monitoring Groups, so as to provide greater public accountability in policing and crime reduction;
  5. To make more efficient use of resources to deliver value for money and target funds at tackling issues of local concern and crime prevention.


  • Helping to establish policing priorities
  • Monitoring volumes, trends and types of complaints from victims of crime and complaints from members of the public against police officers
  • Monitoring crime performance and community confidence
  • Playing a significant role in setting tasks for Community Payback
  • Ensuring all wards have a ward panel of residents
  • Supporting the Independent Advisory Group
  • Supporting the Custody Visitors Panel and ensuring the system of custody visiting is delivered
  • Ensuring the stop and search community monitoring function is delivered
  • Supporting Neighbourhood Watch
  • Developing bids for funds from a crime prevention fund


Gladesmore Community School
Crowland Road
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