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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School


It is important to recognise that the Gladesmore curriculum offer is not solely about the delivery of the National Curriculum; although this is the foundation because it secures an entitlement for all pupils. The curriculum embraces all that is learned through school, whether it be in lessons or part of informal learning within and beyond the school day.

Maintained community schools are expected to:

  • teach the National Curriculum, including religious education and sex education
  • teach about drugs as per the science element of the National Curriculum
  • provide for physical education
  • avoid political bias
  • provide independent careers education and guidance
  • make provision for pupils with special educational needs
  • decide whether to disapply aspects of the curriculum to provide more time for other aspects such as the work-related curriculum or basic skills
  • provide a daily act of collective worship

Gladesmore Community School aims to:

  • provide a balanced and relevant curriculum
  • provide pathways to facilitate success for pupils across the ability range
  • provide learning opportunities to include all pupils
  • facilitate progression within the school
  • foster teaching styles which will offer a variety of learning opportunities
  • make learning a positive experience
  • promote the Gladesmore REACH values.

To learn more about our Curriculum Policies, please refer to the Policies and Documents Index.

If you have questions about the curriculum, please contact the school reception and ask to speak to the relevant Head of Faculty / Department.


Gladesmore Community School
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