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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Everybody Dreams

Everybody Dreams

The public unrest and the riots that occurred in Tottenham in 2011 scared the community and as a consequence our young people are all too often viewed negatively as a result. Even though none of our pupils were involved in the troubles they have been adversely affected.

So as one of our ways to address the negative perceptions of our community and demonstrate what fabulous young people we have in Gladesmore the whole school participated in a project. Pupils wrote, recorded and promoted a single and video called Everybody Dreams.

Click here to some of the videos.

Our song got to Number 33 in the charts and has gained wide acclaim.  The message is clear. Our young people have dreams for a bright future and are determined to do their best to achive.

Click here for a list of celebrities supporting Everybody Dreams.

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