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KS3 Digital Resources

For all KS3 students, teachers will be setting work on 'Show My Homework' or via email, so please make sure to check these regularly.

We know that many parents are keen to support and structure learning in this difficult period, but it can be hard to know where to start. However, that may not be enough for all students.  Computer programmes can be a good way to learn new content, revise content you have already studied or learn something which interests you.  We have listed below some Apps and Websites which are useful for one or many subjects. 

Apps for Everything 

Resource Description
BBC Bitesize Huge range of resources to support many subjects at both KS3 and KS4
Coggle Create mind maps to summarise or revise content
GoConqr - Flashcards Create online flashcards and mind maps Videos, tutorials and quizzes to support online learning in a range of subjects
Quizlet Ready-made revision resources for lots of subjects. Students can also make their own revision resources on this site.
Twinkl Often used by teachers but Twinkl has allowed everyone to have a free one month’s subscription during the outbreak (enter code UKTWINKLHELPS)


Resource Description
Draw With Rob Rob Biddulph is a famous illustrator who is hosting weekly draw-alongs
Doodles with Mo Willems Drawing lessons with a renowned illustrator

Saati Art​​


Pinterest (Website or App)


Legion of Art

A range of recommended apps to learn, discover and create.

Time Lapse Drawings

Time Lapse Art

Art Tutorial

Getting a 9 in GCSE art

A collection of fantastic video resources freely available on Youtube.
Loving Vincent Loving Vincent is a 2017 experimental animated biographical drama film about the life of the painter Vincent van Gogh. It is the first fully painted animated feature film
Studio Ghibli films For over 30 years the critically acclaimed Japanese animation studio has been known for their high quality filmmaking and artistry in producing animated classics such as the award winning Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro and Princess Mononoke.
Virtual Gallery Tours Art lovers can view thousands of paintings, sculptures, installations and new work online – many in minute detail – as well as explore the museums themselves.
BBC Bitesize Art A list of useful GCSE resources for study.

Computer Science 

Resource Description
Scratch Scratch is a free programming language where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Develop your talents and gain all-important knowledge and information about the digital world with iDEA. 
Khan Academy Learn the basics, starting with Intro to programming
TED Talk A collection of short, powerful talks about topics related to computing.
BBC Bitesize Computing A list of useful GCSE resources for study.


Resource Description
Youtube - Royal Opera House Free ballet streaming - starts Friday 27th
Youtube - Sadlers Wells Ballets to watch and stream
Oti Mabuse Dance Classes Daily dance classes


Resource Description
Shakespeare's Globe Performances of Shakespeare plays for £4.99 each
Plot Generator Looking for ideas for your next story, genre, film? Try here
The Children's Poetry Archive Access to poems (read aloud)/info. about poets/interviews/collections
Pobble 365 Images Images to inspire creative writing (describe/narrate)
Education Quizzes Useful for several subjects, currently free
Discovering Children's Books British Library website
Seneca - KS3 English Several quizzes
Myths and Legends Variety of stories to read
BrainPop Useful for several subjects, currently free, requires sign up (Free Family Access)


Resource Description
BBC Good Food Thousands of recipes for you to try - search by name, ingredient, chef etc

Change4Life Food Scanner

Android and iOS

Free app to find out what is in your food


Link Description
BBC Bitesize - Weather and Climate Support your learning of the unit weather and climate (Year 7)
BBC Bitesize - Tropical Rainforests Support your learning of the unit tropical rainforest (Year 7)
BBC Bitesize - Volcanoes Support your learning of the unit volcanoes (Year 7)
BBC Bitesize - Hot Deserts Support your learning of the unit hot deserts (Year 8)
BBC Bitesize - Globalisation Support your learning of the unit globalisation (Year 8)
BBC Bitesize - Earthquakes Support your learning of the unit earthquakes (Year 8)
BBC Bitesize - Energy Support your learning of the unit energy (Year 8)
BBC Bitesize - Development Support your learning of the unit development (Year 9)
BBC Bitesize - Rivers Support your learning of the unit rivers Support your learning of the unit development (Year 9)
BBC Bitesize - OS Map Skills Support your learning of OS map skills
BBC Bitesize - Atlas Skills Support your learning of atlas skills Learn about any country in the world
App - Maps Of Our World Can you find every country on a map? Discover the world through this app
App - Where Is That? Learn countries, capitals and landmarks with this geography learning game
Youtube - Minute Earth Learn about our amazing planet
Youtube - National Geographic Amazing videos on volcanoes, rainforests and everything in between
Youtube - National Geographic Kids A fun way to discover the world
Youtube - Geography Now Want to learn more about a country? Check Geography Now
Youtube - BBC Geography BBC Geography videos


Link Description
Normans: Claims to the throne BBC Teach video on claims to English throne
Normans: Battle of Gate Fulford BBC Teach video on Battle of Gate Fulford
Normans: Battle of Stamford Bridge BBC Teach video on Battle of Stamford Bridge
Normans: Battle of Hastings BBC Teach video on Battle of Hastings
Normans: Securing Power BBC Teach video on how William took power
Normans: William Conqueror Horrible Histories William Conqueror special
Medieval Realms Series of revise, clips and tests on middle ages (including magna carta, black death etc)
Medieval Realms: Castles BBC Teach clip on building castles
Tudors Horrible Histories Tudor special
Tudors: Henry VIII Horrible Histories episode on Henry VIII
Tudors: Henry VIII Series of revise, clips and tests on Henry VIII
Tudors: Elizabeth Series of revise, clips and tests on Elizabeth and the Armada
Tudors: Elizabeth Documentary on the Armada (12 days to save England)
English Civil War BBc Bitesize clips
English Civil War BBC Teach video on English Civil War
English Civil War Horrible Histories Episode on Oliver Cromwell
Slavery: Harriet Tubman BBC Teach video on Harriet Tubman (dramatisation)
Slavery: Harriet Tubman PODCAST: You're Dead To Me: Harriet Tubman
Civil Rights: Martin Luther King BBC Teach on Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech
Civil Rights: Rosa Parks BBC Teach Rosa Parks (dramatisation)
India: Mughal Empire PODCAST: You're Dead To Me: Mughal Empire
Indian Empire BBC Teach How did the British gain control of India?
Indian Empire: Gandhi BBC Teach on Gandhi and independence
World War One: Causes Causes of WW1 rap battle
World War One BBC BiteSize (includes 43 clips)
World War One First hand stories of 'going over the top'
World War One Dan Snow Clip: Condition in the trenches (Battle of the Somme)
Women's Suffrage BBC Teach clip on how women won the vote
Women's Suffrage BBC Teach Suffragettes (dramatisation)
Crime and punishment: Trial by Ordeal BBC Teach clip on medieval trial by ordeal
Crime and punishment: Victorian Prisons BBC teach clip on Victorian prisons
Crime and punishment: The Bloody Code BBC teach clip on the Bloody Code
Crime and punishment: The Police force BBc teach clip on the founding of thr police
Crime and Punishment: Jack the Ripper 50 minute documentary on Jack the Ripper
Nazi Germany Hitler's rise to power
Nazi Germany BBc Bite Size (17 clips)
Nazi Germany Escaping the Nazi's: Ruth story (cartoon)
Nazi Germany Hiding from the Nazi's: Suzanne's story (cartoon)
Nazi Germany Escaping to Britain: Heinz's story (cartoon)
World War Two: Home front Horrible Histories episode on the Home Front
World War Two BBC Bitesize: World War Two (includes 12 clips)
Black History Horrible Histories Black History special
The Holocaust Drone video of Auschwitz concentration camp
The Holocaust Survival in the camp: Arek's Story (cartoon)

Languages (French/Spanish) 

Link Description Teachers will regularly set work but you can research topic areas which you want to revise or learn from scratch. Use the NuttyTilez for vocabulary and memory practise. Access the different sections of the grammar content to revise or learn new grammar. Practise your listening skills choosing at first videos and exercises with 1 star, then move onto 2 stars. Use the vocabulary section to learn new or revise vocabulary.
BBC Bitesize - Languages Use this site for listening practise. Find challenges to play to practise topic vocabulary. Use this site to share extra writing practise with your teachers and look for links we upload for music, culture, practise, games.
MLF GCS Spotify Want to expand your music library? Check out some of the best hits in Spanish or French, as recommended by the languages faculty!

Netflix - French

Netflix - Spanish

Amazon Prime Video - Spanish

Amazon Prime Video - French


Check out our recommendations of what's trending now on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in Spain and France.


Link Description Age Range
Corbett Maths Range of videos, worksheets, challenges, questions and activities. KS2-KS4
Dr Frost Maths Maths lessons via video, lots of questions to practice KS2-KS5
Geogebra Free app and online site that offers graphing, 3D modelling and geometry for students to explore KS2-KS5
Top Marks - Hit the Button Range of quizzes and quick-fire activities to support mental maths e.g. times tables; fractions KS1-KS3
K7 Maths Primarily aimed at teachers but free for parents for now - enormous number of resources organised by topic and year group KS1-KS3
Maths Genie Maths lessons via video, lots of questions to practice including exam questions. KS3-KS4
Maths Watch Maths lessons via video, lots of questions to practice KS2-KS5
MyMaths Maths lessons, questions and games KS1-KS5
Nrich Range of activities, challenges and resources to stretch and enrich Maths learning KS1-KS5
Pixi Maths Maths lessons and resources KS2-KS4
TT Rockstars Range of quizzes and quick-fire activities to improve times tables KS1-KS4
Topmarks Range of activities to support Maths curriculum KS1-KS3
Twinkl Often used by teachers but Twinkl has allowed everyone to have a free one month’s subscription during the outbreak (enter code UKTWINKLHELPS) KS1-KS4


Link Description
Royal Opera House Free screenings of operas on their YouTube channel - first screening 3rd April
London Symphony Orchestra Free streaming of music performances on Sunday and Thursday evenings
Algoriddin Learn to DJ, download the FREE App from the App store


Resource Description
The Body Coach Joe Wicks PE every day at 9am


Link Description
Technology Student Covers a variety of topics across Design and Technology. They have animations and downloadable worksheets that can be completed.
BBC Bitesize A great place to watch videos that show Design and Technology's role in society
YouTube - Andrew Thompson A great channel to refresh your practical skills and knowledge. A DT Teacher shows different practical skills n RM as well as Food Technology. There is also a quiz that can be taken at the end in SMHW for KS3.
Youtube - Eunny Learn how to use TinkerCAD - a free 3D modelling software for students. This channel has a range of tutorials that you can follow to learn TinkerCAD at your pace.
TinkerCAD Learn how to use TinkerCAD - a free 3D modelling software for students.
YouTube - How Its Made 100s of videos to watch. They are all short videos that show how things are made. The video explains materials and manufacturing processes that are used to make a variety of everyday products from rubber bands to Lego!
Dyson Challenge Cards A series of engineering and science challenges that you can try at home. Remember to always ask permission from parents first.


Link Description
Khan Academy - Science Huge range of Science units aimed at different ages

Skyview App
(iOS | Android)

Learn about the stars and constellations using this app
KS3 Science review app
(iOS | Android)
Multiple choice quizzes on topics included in the national curriculum
University of Colorado: Phet Simulations Great Physics, Chemistry and Biology simulations
Animal Documentary Online Hundreds of animal documentaries free to watch, with occasional adds.
Youtube: Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell A collection of videos that explain science around us
Youtube: Veritasium Videos about science, education and lots of fun ideas.
Youtube: Crash Course Crash courses on lots of topics including science, history, study skills etc
Youtube: Sci show Videos that answer curious questions about the world around us
Youtube: Gross Science Bizarre stories from the slimy, smelly, creepy world of science
Youtube: Physics Girl adventures into the physics with experiments, demonstrations and cool new discoveries
Youtube: Brainpop Animated videos on lots of topics including science, social studies, health etc
Movies and Documentaries: Science Lessons That Rock A list of great Science films and documentaries
Brains On! Science podcasts for kids
But Why? Podcasts for curious kids


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