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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Blue Day & Odd Sock Day (Friday, 17th November 2023)

Monday marked the start of Anti-bullying Week, a national campaign to shine a light on the impact of bullying and ways that everyone young and old can play a part in stamping it out.

At Gladesmore we are demonstrating our support of Anti-bullying Week by making slight changes to our clothing on Friday 17th November.

BLUE Day and Odd Socks Day

This Friday, all students are encouraged to accessorise their school uniform with additional blue items, like scarves, earrings, nail varnish, wigs, jewellery or shoelaces. It is important that accessories are placed on top of the school uniform. Students are not allowed to spray their hair or their clothing blue.

In conjunction, students will be allowed to wear odd socks on Friday to highlight our differences, and the things that make us unique and special.

There will be special prizes for the students and tutor groups that have really gone to town in expressing their support of this fantastic campaign. This has always been a fun-filled and enjoyable day for all students, and I hope you will allow your child to participate. Please note that any student that is not wearing full Gladesmore uniform on Friday will be sent home to change.

If you have any concerns or questions about Blue Day and Odd Socks Day pease feel free to email the school or call the reception for further assistance. 


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