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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

National Careers Week: Apprenticeship Presentation

Gladesmore Community School is committed to ensuring that our pupils are aware of all the pathways which are open to them.  As part of this, we were keen to educate Year 9 about apprenticeships.  

During Careers Week, we invited two apprenticeship providers into GCS to share with Year 9 how apprenticeships work in very differing industries.  Our first apprenticeship provider was North Middlesex University Hospital.  They shared examples of a wide range of apprenticeships in areas ranging from midwifery to digital admin.  Our second apprenticeship provider were Framestore who shared their models for apprenticeship including offering insight into how an apprenticeship selection might be structured.  

Following the presentation, Year 9 were actively discussing how far they thought a work-study pathway might be suitable for them and a number had questions for the apprenticeship providers specifically. 


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