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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Year 9 Students visit University College London

A group of enthusiastic Year 9 pupils took part in an exciting visit to the Biochemical Faculty at University College London. Led by Professor Ramos, the pupils were treated to an insightful journey through the university's rich heritage and the core values it upholds. This visit marked another successful collaboration between Professor Ramos and Gladesmore's Computing Faculty, aimed at inspiring young girls to pursue STEM fields of study and future careers.

The day was filled with engaging and exciting experiences as the pupils delved into the world of science. They had the unique opportunity to observe and interact with the scientists, witnessing their ground-breaking work first-hand in the lab through demonstrations and projects that showcased the diverse roles that women play in scientific research.

The pupils were joined by two current Bio Chemistry degree pupils who generously shared their wisdom on university applications, exam preparation, and the transformative journey of university life. This invaluable exchange provided the aspiring pupils with invaluable insights and guidance as they looked into their own future paths.

Pupils say the highlight of the visit included hands-on participation in experiments, which allowed them to immerse themselves in the scientific process and uncover new perspectives. To wrap up the day, the group were treated to a tour of the university's prestigious library, where they were able to witness the dedication and academic rigour of pupils preparing for their upcoming end-of-year exams first hand.

The visit to UCL proved to be an inspirational experience for our Year 9 pupils, sparking their curiosity for STEM in the future.


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