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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Cyprus 2019

Sunday 19/05/2019

Hello from sunny Cyprus.

After a very tiring flight we arrived at our hotel at 1.30am on Saturday morning. We still managed to get up early though and spent the morning in Kilitkaya with Lois and her husband Ismael, baking fresh bread in an outside oven and buying some of their home made olive oil soap.  After a tiring journey back, we danced the night away at the hotel bbq

 🍖 👍


Thursday 23/05/2019

Hello London!  I hope this post gets to you safely as we have been having connectivity troubles with the WiFi 😳

Today was our last full day in Cyprus, but we have had the best time ever.  We visited Near East College and University, and also GAU American Future College where the students took part in an English lesson, a science lesson and ran their hearts out on the school ‘Survivor’ course 🏃🏽‍♂️

Today we had our annual meeting at BRTV where we recorded the ‘Cup of Conversation’ programme which will be aired online next Monday.  We have loved every single minute of this trip and will be sorry to leave. Our flight is at 7.30am tomorrow so it’s an early night tonight 🙁

We look forward to seeing all parents and careers at Tottenham Hale on Friday at 4pm 😎😎



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