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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Planned maintenance work on pupil Google accounts - 14/08/2020 to 24/08/2020

From Friday the 14th August to Monday 24th August 2020 your school Google Account access will be suspended to undergo planned IT maintenance work. This will affect access to all your school Google services (School Emails, Google Drive, Calendar, Classroom, etc) and any related services that use your school email to sign-in.

As soon as the planned work is completed you will receive another notification that the above access has once again resumed and accessible. Following this planned work it is very important that you remove all instances of the below accounts and set them up again to ensure your school email access and services continue to work correctly:

1: Google Mail (For All Students including Year 11 Leavers)

Following the planned IT work your existing email setup will change to On Smartphones you will see this happen automatically. This ARCHIVE account should no longer be used.

If you are on a PC or Laptop you do not have to do anything, you can simply log in to your school email using your correct account and all your emails will correctly be present.

If you had your school email setup on a Smartphone or Tablet then this will automatically change to - please remove this account and add it again using You can follow the below guide on how to set this up: 

How to Setup your School Email on your Smartphone

2: SIMS Student (Not Applicable for Year 11 Leavers)

SIMS Student will stop working after the planned IT work. At the end of the planned work you will receive another SIMS Student invitation to your email - please click on this and set up your account accordingly. Follow the below guide on how to set this up after the planned IT work.:

How To Setup your SIMS Student App after the Migration  

3: Google Classroom (Not Applicable for Year 11 Leavers)

Google Classroom after the planned IT work will disconnect you from ALL your Google Classroom classes. Some teachers/faculties will send you the invitation again should they think you need access before September - look out for an email from them inviting you to their Google Classroom. 
All your prior submitted work on Google Classroom is still present however it's archived to your Google Drive in the Classroom folder and a copy of it will be with your Google Classroom teachers. When you are re-added to Google Classroom you will have a fresh account ready for a September start.

If you feel you have not been able to set up your accounts successfully then feel free to visit us in room IT05 3rd floor when school starts in September.


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