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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School


We know that many parents and children are worried about bullying at secondary school.  As a school, we pride ourselves on our anti-bullying ethos and our effective response to the occasional issues which arise.

Our school’s REACH ethos (Respect, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Co-operation and Hard Work)  makes it clear that bullying will not be tolerated. 

As Gladesmore pupils will soon tell you, Gladesmore Community School views itself as more than a school, we are a family.  Families look after each other and the school community is no different.  One example of this strong community approach is the Stepping Stones programme in which Year 10 mentors volunteer to work with Year 7 as they transition to secondary school.  All pupils in Year 7 have the opportunity to work with a mentor if they wish. 

We have a number of high-profile anti-bullying events during the year.  Our annual BLUE day (Be Lovely and Understanding to Everyone Day) offers pupils the opportunity to show their support for anti-bullying by accessorising their uniform with blue.  Since 2019, we have also supported Odd Socks Day as a way of showing our appreciation of the differences within our community. 

Our Year 7 PSHE curriculum has a strong anti-bullying focus with an explicit unit studied by all Year 7 which looks at bullying in its widest form including cyber-bullying.  We also explore the characteristics of positive friendships so that pupils are able to identify issues if they are less than explicit. 

However, we know that issues can and do occur.  We survey parents in Year 8 annually to find out how effective our anti-bullying interventions have been.  Typically, the vast majority of parents have never contacted us with an issue related to bullying.  Of the small proportion who have, they describe themselves as totally or very satisfied with our response.  We therefore ask parents/carers to contact us immediately if you have any concerns so that we can intervene to support the members of our community. 


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