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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Design and Technology

Outstanding Efforts

Congratulations to the following KS3 and KS4 DT students for their amazing efforts in Resistant Materials, Graphics and Food Technology:

  • Burak (10TLE)
  • Hiza (10PDY)
  • Ishan (10APR)
  • Mubashira (10FWD)
  • Oswald (10FWD)
  • Prince (10PME)
  • Safyaan (10TLE)
  • Alexandru (9HBN)
  • Chang (9EEM)
  • Rihanna (9SCS)
  • Sami (9HBN)
  • Seraphina (9VMY)
  • Xiangbing (9RLE)
  • Cathryn (8SHS)
  • Gabriel (8SCR)
  • Jaan (8SHS)
  • Natalia (8SHS)
  • Sjonte (8VBR)
  • Angel (7MBE)
  • Aurela (7MAM)
  • Gabriele (7RAL)
  • Jeremy (7RBI)
  • Kuba (7RAL)
  • Muna (7RBI)
  • Rozalin (7MBE)
  • Savanna (7RAL)

Your hard work and dedication has been truly inspiring,  please keep up the great work!

Sketch A Week Challenge

In Resistant Materials, KS3 students have been busy each week learning to sketch and render using tutorials online. Congratulations to the students who have submitted excellent work each week.


Designs by Angel, Jeremy, Muna, Adrian, Jaan, Natalia, Sjonte, Xiangbing and Alexandru.

Garden Spade

Designs by Muna, Jaan, Jeremy, Natalia, Xiangbing, Sjonte and Gabriele.

Apple TV Remote

Designs by Jaan, Natalia and Sjonte.



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