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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School


Course Outline

The EAL option is appropriate for students who are early learners of English. In the EAL option you will do the ASDAN Bronze and Silver Challenge Award. This is a 2 year course which allows our EAL students to understand themselves and others better and to become more prepared for making the transition to adult life. English language skills are developed through the completion of ASDAN challenges which develop the key skills of communication, working with others, improving one’s own learning, problem solving, ICT and numeracy.

ASDAN teachers guide students towards relevant challenges within modules such as Wider World, World of Work, Beliefs & Values and Information Handling. Students are encouraged to work independently when needed, whilst following advice from staff as well as recommendations on how work can be improved.


ASDAN is 100% portfolio based. Folders are marked throughout the year and sent away to be moderated externally in July. This ASDAN certificate is not equivalent to a GCSE grade but students will gain an additional certificate for their Year 11 Progress Files.


Students are expected to complete homework tasks, as all tasks are relevant and useful as part of the final ASDAN portfolio of evidence. We would value support from parents in getting students to complete homework tasks.


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