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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Game Developer

“Game Developers”

In this package, pupils will learn about and create their own computer games.

This package is suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils.

Expected outcomes

  • know of games creating resources that can be used for free or low cost at home and in school (memorisation)
  • able to control events in a predetermined manner (synthesis) 
  • able to explore the effects of changing the variables in an ICT based model (analysis)
  • able to apply existing knowledge to tackle challenges in a new context (application)
  • able to review, reflect and amend a series of instructions to make something happen (evaluation)
  • able to apply imagination and to look for alternative, innovative outcomes (synthesis)
  • able to adapt a game to present a suitable level of challenge for the intended user (evaluation)

National Priority Areas addressed

  • h) N11 Supporting schools in extending learning opportunities
  • k) N15 Support the use of technology with the Foundation and Primary curriculum to improve outcomes for learners at KS1/2
  • Pupils make a maze game
  • More able pupils may want to explore how to add more screens etc.
  • Save and upload games made


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