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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Machine Designer

Children learn how to use input devices or switches to control a process.

This package is suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils. 

Expected outcomes

  • - create sequences of instructions to control events, and understand the need for precision (synthesis)
  • monitor and measure external events with sensors (comprehension)
  • assess the use of ICT in their work and are able to reflect critically in order to make improvements in subsequent work (evaluation)

National Priority Areas addressed

  • h) N11 Supporting schools in extending learning opportunities
  • k) N15 Support the use of technology with the Foundation and Primary curriculum to improve outcomes for learners at KS1/2
  • -Pupils to brainstorm what a robot is, what do robots do, how do they know what to do? Show examples of different types of robots on the IWB. (e.g.Robots on Wheels, Robots with Feet, Humanoids, Slithering Robots, Swimming Robots, Aerial Robots, Toy Robots, Industrial Robots, Space Robot, NanoBots
  • Children create their own robot pet. (Show examples of some robot pets – videos? PowerPoint?)
  • Children learn how to program the robots and will complete a small challenge today to help them learn this.
  • Start to work through the following lessons from Robot Educator software in pairs:
  • Pupils (in pairs) research on the internet and list the sorts of things robotic pets can do to bring with them to next CLC session.
  • Teacher may need to prompt pupils/collate ideas: for example:
  • Ask pupils to create their robot pet. First, write about what their pet will do (e.g. avoid light, react to touch etc.), give it a name etc.
  • Program pet
  • Swap pets between pairs to test the pets. (could video these for evidence / school to have)
  • Feedback at the end – what worked well, what could be improved etc.


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