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Gladesmore Community School

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Course Outline

All students study Mathematics in Key Stage 4.

In the Mathematics GCSE course you will learn more about number, algebra, geometry and data handling.

You will learn, for example, how to manipulate numbers, solve a range of different types of equations, express rules algebraically, collect, analyse and interpret data and solve a range of geometric problems.

At times you will be expected to work independently or collaboratively sharing ideas and learning from them each other. You will have access to ICT within your Mathematics lessons and will be encouraged to develop your problem solving skills and your ability to apply your Mathematical techniques to a range of situations.

A good grounding in basic number skills is essential for success in GCSE Mathematics. You will need to know your multiplication tables and be able to assess whether your answers are sensible.


There are two forms of assessment in Mathematics: internal and external.


There are two ways we assess students understanding and progress; through regular weekly homework and through end-of-term assessments.


The external assessment is through two written examinations. You can be entered for one of two tiers; Foundation or Higher. Both tiers give you an opportunity of achieving at least a C grade. You are expected to use a calculator in one exam but this is not allowed in the other. Each examination is worth 50% of your final mark.


The skills learnt in GCSE Mathematics are used in a number of post 16 courses, for example: A level Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Sociology, Mathematics and various Level 3 BTEC courses.

Mathematical skills are needed in the careers of accountancy, engineering, teaching, banking, architecture and many more.


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