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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Multimedia Gallery 

In this package, pupils will learn how to take and manipulate digital images and create a multimedia gallery slideshow combining images and music around a theme.

This package is suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils.

Expected outcomes

  • able to analyse an image recognising its character and comparing with similar images (analysis comparison)
  • able to bring together information from a range of sources and create a coherent outcome (synthesis)
  • able to reflect critically on own and others’ art work (evaluation judgement)

National Priority Areas addressed

h) N11 Supporting schools in extending learning opportunities
k) N15 Support the use of technology with the Foundation and Primary curriculum to improve outcomes for learners at KS1/2

  • Introduce the day and show example of photo and then different ways it has been changed using manipulation software. Discuss how the changes have affected the mood/feel of the image etc.
  • In pairs, pupils use digital cameras to take photos to be manipulated later. (Could go into the park to take photos)
  • Upload photos onto shared folder and then look briefly at each others’ photos and feedback.
  • Pairs choose two photos to change – and decide how they want them to change (e.g. make the park more ‘spooky’, science-fiction feel etc) 
  • Pupils use IrfanView to change their original photos
  • Save onto shared folder
  • Show the original and changed photos and discuss/evaluate changes. Were they successful in what they wanted to achieve? 
  • Share the photos taken at school
  • Introduce idea of a multimedia slideshow by showing PhotoStory pre-made example
  • Pupils put photos into Photostory3 and save their projects
  • Can add narration if appropriate (e.g. pre-prepared poems/stories) 
  • Show how to find and save music from Audio Networks site
  • Pupils add appropriate music to their Photostory project
  • Save and upload finished slideshows 
  • Share and give constructive feedback on each others’ work


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