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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

News Room

In this package, pupils will learn about, create and upload their own podcasts using the idea of a ‘radio bulletin’ as a model.
This package is suitable for both Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2. (content/type of items will differ, but process will be same)

Expected outcomes

-know how sound can be recorded and uploaded onto the internet (memorisation)
-able to bring together information from a variety of sources to create a coherent outcome (synthesis)
-able to make decisions about content and performance against a specific range of criteria (evaluation)

National Priority Areas addressed:

h) N11 Supporting schools in extending learning opportunities
k) N15 Support the use of technology with the Foundation and Primary curriculum to improve outcomes for learners at KS1/2

  • Intro to what a podcast is/means. Listen to examples – use Newsround Radio Bulletin as model
  • Set up idea of a news team. Initial email of event.
  • Groups work on ‘breaking news’ item to broadcast. Teams make an initial ‘test’ podcast of the headlines to practise recording using Audacity and saving as mp3.
  • Listen to others recordings. What is successful, what could be improved? 
  • Next email with update of breaking news event. Teams create new headline bulletin.
  • Add music to breaking news bulletin for effect – use music from Audio Networks site. Add to bulletin, save as mp3 and upload.
  • Listen to each others bulletins from shared folder and discuss/evaluate is successful, what could be improved.
  • Discuss what could be collated at school for the next session for the ‘our school radio bulletin’ 
  • Pupils add music to recordings, save and then upload.
  • Listen to each others bulletins.

Evaluate what was successful, what could be improved.


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