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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent Teacher Association aims to bring together parents, carers and staff to raise money and to support the school’s development. It provides an opportunity for everyone to work together towards a common goal.

All parents and teachers can get involved even if they only have a small amount of time available. It is a great chance for parents to be more involved in school life.

If you have a query, idea or suggestion you would like the PTA to discuss at their next meeting, please click HERE 

The PTA meets on a half termly basis and aims to:

  • raise funds to help the school provide ‘extras’ for the students;
  • run social events for parents and children;
  • provide support for school trips, outings and other special events;
  • organise meetings to inform parents about education issues;
  • provide helpful feedback to help the school continue to develop.

Funds have recently been provided to buy the school two state of the art wireless microphones which are now being used in school events. We have also funded a number of faculties who submitted bids for the funds. Money has been raised for various children's charities and supports families in hardship with basic requirements for school. We recently organised and ran a quiz night and a variety of sponsored activities.

If you are interested in joining please contact Mr Aibangbee on


Gladesmore Community School
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