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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Perfect Picnic

In this package, pupils will be challenged to create a family picnic and play area within Markfield Recreation Ground. They will be expected to locate and assimilate information, collaborate in teams, and create an ICT based presentation.

This package is suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils.

Expected outcomes

  • able to identify the questions that need to be asked to tackle a challenge (comprehension)
  • able to search and locate information effectively using the internet (analysis)
  • able to recognise whether information is likely to be valid or not (evaluation)
  • able to assimilate information from a range of sources to draw conclusions (synthesis)
  • able to refine a publication showing an awareness of the intended audience (evaluation)
  • understand e-safety risks and how to stay safe when using technology (evaluation)

National Priority Areas addressed

h) N11 Supporting schools in extending learning opportunities
k) N15 Support the use of technology with the Foundation and Primary curriculum to improve outcomes for learners at KS1/2

  • Scenario: a new family picnic and play area is going to be created within Markfield Rec Ground. The council are looking for the best designs that keep within their budget of £10k. The pupils will be put into groups of 3 / 4 to become small design teams who have to research what people want, what equipment to use, what the costs will be and to give a presentation to councillors explaining their ideas.
  • Pupils go to the Markfield Rec and take photos of the site. They can also take measurements of how big their area will be. Also, keep notes of any ideas that arise while on the site.
  • Back at the CLC, in groups pupils decide what areas they need to research. Feedback ideas as a class. Prompts may be needed – what makes a ‘good’ family picnic play area? Furniture/equipment needed? Costs? Health and safety considerations? Inclusion/disabled access? How will they find the answers to these?
  • In groups, pupils assign roles re researching different areas identified. 
  • Pupils use internet to research identified areas
  • Pupils can interview ‘willing volunteers’ from Gladesmore about what they would like in the area. Plan questions, use EasiSpeaks to record interviews.
  • Collate information/findings electronically to use in next CLC session 
  • Pupils use Aspex Draw to create a model of their picnic and play area
  • Pupils create designs for their picnic play areas on Aspex Draw and save as an image to use in presentations later 
  • Show how to use PowerPoint – insert images, sound files, hyperlinks, techniques for an effective presentation (use of bullet points, colour, not having too much animation etc)
  • Pupils create final presentations including PowerPoint presentation and scripts for group members. Also give time for rehearsals.
  • Groups present their research findings, costings and designs to the rest of the class


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