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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Staff Directory


Mr T. Hartney CBE

Associate Headteacher

Mr G. Ojokor

Deputy Headteachers

Mr A. Aibangbee
Ms J. Coley
Mr E. Djemali
Mr P. Larvin
Mrs I. Mezue

Associate Assistant Headteachers

Mr E. Regisford


Assistant Headteachers

Mr N. Willis
Ms S. Bardouille
Ms K. Mitchell
Ms C. Graham
Ms J. Irish

Ms U. Tondel


Heads of Year

Mr E. Djemali (Year 7)
Mrs S. Bardouille (Year 8)
Ms S. Dervish (Year 9)
Ms L. Leon (Year 10)
Ms C. Brown (Year 11)

Premises Manager

Mr A. O'Brien

Site Managers

Mr A. Yusuf
Mr I. Meerally
Mr E. Lewis

Business Manager

Mr A. Mao


Ms S. Nandal (Office)
Ms F. Azizi  (Finance)
Ms S. Naidoo (Personnel)

Ms P. Jones(Safeguarding)
Ms G. Avas

Ms R. Safak
Ms S. Yenilmiz
Ms J. Kamil
Ms Y. Fernando (AV Resources)


Attendance Officer

Ms L. Bailey
Ms D. Hall (EWO)
Ms S. Nandlal

Catering Manager

Ms Y. Dyer

School Nurse


Police Officer

PC J. Baycanli

Learning Mentors

Mr Z. Kamil (Lead Mentor)

Mr D. Gardiner

Mr G. John-Lewis


Heads of Faculty

Ms U. Tondel (English)

Ms L. Borne (Humanities)

Mr I. Gjozi (ICT)

Mr A. Jackson (Languages)

Ms C. Graham (Mathematics)

Mr E. Regisford (PE)

Ms A. O’Doherty-Campbell (Arts & Performance)

Ms V. Artimatas (Science)

Ms S. Chander (Technology)

Ms J. Irish (Extended English)

Ms J. Wright (AEN & SENCO)


July 2018 


Gladesmore Community School
Crowland Road
N15 6EB


020 8800 0884