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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Staff Training & Commitment to Safeguarding

Staff members are required to familiarise themselves with the Safeguarding government guidelines annually. They are provided with hard and electronic copies for their reference and are aware of their statutory duty to read the relevant sections.

Staff receive annual training delivered by the DSL and, in addition, teaching staff undertake an accredited online training course at the start of each academic year.  Training is bespoke meaning that the training received by the hygience team would be different to the training received by the teaching team.  

All Staff (including NQT’s,  mid-year starters and supply) are asked to refer to the Gladesmore Safeguarding Handbook – which outlines safeguarding issues, government guidelines, roles and responsibilities, and the reporting process.

Staff are required to sign evidence forms as proof of receipt of safeguarding information and these, along with course certificates, are collated each year.


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