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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Expectations / REACH


We are ambitious for all pupils and we know that you are ambitious too.  However, particularly in Year 7, it can sometimes be hard to know how pupils can achieve their potential.  REACH is a simple way of communicating our values — if pupils demonstrate these values throughout their time at Gladesmore, they will achieve their goals. 

REACH is not just a simple acronym, but it represents the values at the heart of our school and the means by which we can continue to raise achievement, improve the climate for learning and strengthen our community.

REACH encourages pupils to:

  • Be polite and respectful to everyone
  • Embrace and celebrate our differences
  • Keep going even when learning is difficult
  • Take responsibility for their own learning
  • Help each other to succeed
  • Respond positively to the opportunities they are offered
  • Be an active citizen who is interested in the world around them
  • Be an eager learner who asks questions and who wants to know more
  • Organise and plan their learning.


Gladesmore Community School is a fantastic school, however, pupils can only fully benefit from its fantastic teachers and curriculum when they are in school.  We expect pupils to be in school, every day, on time, however, we understand that sometimes pupils cannot be in school due to illness, appointments or family emergencies.

When pupils miss school for any reason, there is an expectation that they will catch up the learning missed.  They can do this by speaking to their teachers and checking the Google Classrooms for each subject.  

We kindly ask that parents /carers notify the school as soon as they can when a child is going to be absent.  There is a dedicated attendance team who will be waiting to receive your phone call. The attendance team are available on: 020 8800 8804.


Pupils must be on time to school and to lessons.  Subject teachers take a register every single lesson and this includes punctuality.  We ask parents/carers to please notify the school if your child is going to be late e.g. because of an appointment. 


Gladesmore Community School
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