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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Year 11 Exam Results 2021

Year 11 examination updates

It has been our pleasure to welcome Year 11 back, and we are really looking forward to working with the pupils in the final stretch of this extraordinary year.

As you are aware, the Government has determined that due to the pandemic, GCSE and BTEC examinations will not go ahead in the usual manner this year. Qualifications for 2021 will instead be assessed by schools with external verification.

The school is able to use a range of evidence to inform judgements for the GCSE and BTEC grades. Samples of work and assessments will be requested and scrutinised by examination boards. Evidence recommended by examination boards include previous assessments, classwork, homework, in-class assessments, practical work and coursework, whether complete or incomplete. Work completed under examination conditions is considered the best evidence when making judgements on GCSE and BTec grades.

We are highly committed to helping our Year 11 pupils gain the examination results that they have worked hard for and deserve. So, we plan for lessons to go on as long as possible in order to allow teachers to continue to gather evidence to inform these judgements. Year 11 will therefore finish school on Friday 28th May.

It is imperative that Year 11 pupils work as hard as they can during the next few weeks and present work that is the very best of their ability. Pupils will undertake some formal assessments in-school after Easter under exam conditions, these will be important evidence when the school makes final judgements on GCSE grades.  They have been informed of this and have all of the Easter holidays to revise.

We have tried our best to support pupils and remind them to revise in a calm and structured way, it is completely normal for Year 11 to be working hard around this time of the academic year. We do understand that pupils are under a lot of pressure and will be worried about this. All we ask is for pupils to do their best throughout the remaining weeks.

Teachers will be looking for evidence to be able to recommend grades for pupils but they will be unable to recommend high grades for pupils unless they have the evidence that they are consistently working at the grade level. If teachers submit higher grades without sufficient evidence that supports the grade this would be seen as malpractice. It is essential therefore that pupils do their best in every task, in every subject for the final few weeks.

None of us want pupils to be disadvantaged by this process and we all want pupils to receive a fair and deserving set of qualifications so they can move on to the next stage of their academic career. It is vital therefore that we all work together to achieve this. Pupils should attend all their lessons and submit work requested to the best of their ability.

We ask that parents support and encourage this, working with us in partnership. We also ask that pupils and parents trust our professional judgement as we all the best outcomes possible for all.

We are required to point out that if pupils or parents are found to be putting teachers under undue pressure to increase grades, then such matters must be referred to the examination boards.  Examination Boards can decide to disqualify candidates if malpractice is deemed to have taken place.

Information about the guidance issued is available by following this link

We remain optimistic about the GCSE and BTEC process this year and are fully committed to guiding our pupils to the outcomes that they deserve.  


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