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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Before Starting

We know that the COVID-19 closures are making the transition from primary to secondary school even more stressful for many students, parents and carers.  We are keen to work with schools, parents/carers and pupils to make transition as smooth as it can be in the circumstances.

First, please be confident that we have been touch with local primary schools so that we can find out as much as possible about our new Y7. 

However, we recognise that we need to work in partnership with parents/carers to support our new Year 7.  Ordinarily, we would have an extensive programme of consultation with parents which would feel more personal, however, we hope that you understand that face-to-face contact isn’t possible at the moment.  We are therefore using a number of electronic forms to collect information regarding your child.  If you are struggling with the forms, or want to talk to a member of the Y7 team directly, please use the Contact Us form. 

Before your child starts at Gladesmore, we ask all parents to:

 Provide us with accurate and up-to-date contact information for you and other significant individuals in your child’s life via the contact information form.

Please note that almost all communication from the school is electronic – either via email or via the SIMS App (don’t worry if you don’t have this, we will be in touch when it goes live for your son/daughter in September).  However, telephone numbers are extremely important in an emergency or if there is an issue.  It is likely that at some point in Year 7, the school will need to contact you e.g. if your child is ill; there is an issue; to sort out a problem.  It is vital that we are able to contact you in these circumstances.  Please provide a range of numbers e.g. home; mobile and work so that we can always contact someone. 

Click here to access the Contact Information Form

 Read and complete the electronic Home / School agreement.  This document explains our expectations and also provides us with key information about your son/daughter so that we can provide the best support.

Click here to access the Home / School agreement

 If appropriate, complete a Free School Meals form. We know that many families are newly entitled to Free School Meals and we would encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Click here to access the Free School Meals form

 If you consider your child to have Special Educational Needs (e.g. ASD; Visual Impairment; Difficulties with learning) as identified from their primary school, please complete the SEND form to alert our SENCO to your child’s needs. 

Click here to access the SEND form

 During the Summer Holidays, participate in the Summer Holiday Challenge.

Encourage your child to be keep learning by participating in the Summer Holiday Challenge.  The Summer Holiday Challenge is a fun way for students to keep active, broaden their horizons and keep learning during the Summer holidays.  This will be even more important given the interruption to normal schooling over the last few months. 

The Summer Holiday Challenge will be emailed to you before the Summer Holidays – look out for this fun and enjoyable activity to complete as a family. 

 Familiarise yourself with the school.

Please share these pages with your child so that they can become familiar with Gladesmore Community School.  Historically, we have been able to host a Summer School to help students to get to know the school and some of the staff, however, this is not possible this year.  We therefore hope that the information on these pages will provide comfort through building knowledge.  Please tell us if more information is required. 


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