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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

Careers Education at GCS

Gladesmore Community School takes Careers Education very seriously.  We know that for many pupils careers education provides a goal for pupils building intrinsic motivation for hard work at school.

Our Careers programme is part of our well-developed PSHE curriculum.  There is an explicit careers unit in each year group and the focus for each unit is appropriate for the age of the pupils.  

In Year 7 pupils learn about the skills required to be successful in the workplace and reflect on how school is helping them to acquire these skills. 

In Year 8, pupils learn about the world of work including reflecting on the differences between work and school, learning about how to apply for jobs, the experiences of being an entrepreneur and also thinking about how they can build useful experiences now e.g. through volunteering and extracurricular activities. 

In Year 9, the Careers unit is part of our structured and supported Pathways process.  Pupils are encouraged to identify their strengths and areas for development to help them choose subjects which will support them in a career path.  

In Year 10, the Careers unit focusses on the financial aspects of Careers with pupils learning about payslips, taxes, pensions and debt.  There is a dedicated lesson looking at student finance specifically.  In addition, student learn about some newer ways of working including zero hours contracts, self-employment and the gig economy.  

In Year 11, the Careers unit is part of  structured and supported pathways process.  In particular, pupils look at post-18 pathways including university, apprenticeships and work.

If you require more information about the Careers Education programme (taught primarily via PSHE), please contact the school reception (020 8800 0884) and ask to speak to the Head of PSHE.


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