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Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School

PE — Sports Clubs & Teams

The Gladesmore PE department are passionate about maximising pupils’ engagement in sport.  We understand that different pupils enjoy different sports and so, over the course of a year, we offer a huge variety of sports and clubs.  Some activities are competitive e.g. our highly successful football teams, whilst other activities are just for fun e.g. Dance Club.  Some activities are for those who enjoy playing in a team, whilst others appeal to those who enjoy solo sports.  

In order to offer the widest possible range of sports, we update our clubs list half-termly and this information is shared with students through assemblies and the Year Group Google Classrooms.  We also work in collaboration with outside providers e.g. Haringey6 in order to give students the best possible experience. 

If you want to know more about the types of activities which are on offer, please have a look at the indicative timetable below.  For more precise information about which clubs are currently available, please contact the Head of PE via reception or ask your child to show you the timetable on their Google Classroom.

Our sport centre is also used by community groups, for example, many of our students are enthusiastic members of Tottenham Tae Kwon-do which trains in the sports centre. 


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